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Ciao Gluten products are handmade in our little production kitchen in Haarlem. We try our best to give you a genuine products, we don't use any preservatives or chemical aromas. We only use fresh and high quality ingredients. 

Besides Ciao Gluten products, we have selected a really nice range of products from Italy from these companies: Pasta Natura, Il pane di Anna, Rosso, BEM. 

In order to make enough products for everyone, we work with stock. That means that part of our homemade assortment is frozen. 

We bake fresh bread (breads, focaccias, brioches) the same day of pick up and delivery. The pick up in Haarlem is available on Wednesday and Saturday. Local Delivery on Tuesday and Friday. Please check the conditions here.

Whole cakes are made fresh the day before the delivery/pick up. Cake slices most of the times are frozen. All vegan cakes are frozen, because it's the best way to work with this special category of cakes.

We make fresh pasta every week (tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi, lasagne). The best way to preserve it is the freezer. So depending on the day/volume of orders, you can receive it fresh or frozen. We guarantee the same quality of the products. 

Decorated cakes or catering need to be booked in advance (2 weeks preferably). You can always contact us to discuss about all different possibilities. 

We try to be more sustainable as possible, trying to avoid plastic and using compostable packaging. 

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