Cakes & desserts


Almond & chocolate

Moist chocolate cake rich of roasted almonds

Almond & lemon

Almonds, white chocolate and fresh lemon

Orange & chocolate

Almond, fresh orange and a dark chocolate glaze


High quality dark chocolate! Fudgy and nutty

Cheesecake blueberry

Crunchy biscuits, Italian cheeses and a fruity topping

Choco Avocado cake

Dark chocolate cake with a buttery avocado & crunchy walnut. Dairy free

Banana bread

Ripe bananas and crunchy walnut

Apple cake

Moist and soft. As my mother teach

Pumpkin cheesecake

Butter cookies, Italian cheeses and roasted pumpkin

Carrot & coconut

Moist and creamy. Fresh and cute


Real Italian recipe, an incredible flavor

Vegan coffee cheesecake

Nuts, dates and fresh Italian coffee

Vegan cheesecake

Creamy nuts, dates and a fruity topping

Vegan tiramisu cake

Chocolate, nuts, coffee. Remind tiramisu

Vegan no bake brownies

Rich, moist and chocolaty


Hazelnut choco muffin

Super soft and fudgy. Dairy free

Banana Oatmeal muffin

Light and soft. Vegan

Bliss balls

Dates, nuts and other fresh ingredients

Chocolate cookies

Rich and soft, with crunchy nut

Almond cookies

Classic Italian cookie

Almond chocolate chip cookies


Small cookies

Perfect with coffee or tea. Vegan


Fig and dark chocolate! Vegan

Muesli bar

A healthy snack with oats, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. Vegan and sugar free