Almond & chocolate

Moist chocolate cake rich of roasted almonds.

Almond & lemon

A combination of almonds, white chocolate and fresh lemon.

Banana bread

Moist and full of mature bananas with crunchy walnuts.


Fudgy double dark chocolate, an explotion of flavour in the mouth. A vegan version is also available.

Carrot & coconut

Moist and tasteful. Almonds and cinnamon complete this exclusive cake. Dairy free.

Cheesecake loaf

Italian style cheesecake with lemon and blueberries.

Chocolate avocado cake

Rich chocolate cake with a buttery avocado & crunchy walnuts and chocolate chips. Dairy free, no refined sugar.

Fig cake

A loaf cake rich of dried figs with almonds and orange. Vegan and sugar free.

Orange & cinnamon

Almond cake with fresh oranges and cinnamon.

Rhubarb cake

Soft and lemony cake full of rhubarb pieces. Seasonal.


Apple pie

Pie full of apple, raisins, cinnamon and a secret touch.


A base of crunchy biscuits, a deep layer of Italian cheeses and a fruity topping .

Orange / Choco

Almond, oranges and a dark chocolate ganache on top. Great combination!

Pumpkin cheesecake

Base of butter cookies, italian cheese mixed with fresh and roasted pumpkin.

Rhubarb tart

Base of shortcrust pastry, lemon cream in the middle and rhubarb slices on the top. Seasonal.


Real italian recipe, an incredible flavour!

Matcha tiramisù

An alternative version of the classic tiramisu with matcha and coconut.

Orange & cinnamon tiramisù

An orangy tiramisu cream and a pinch of cinnamon.


Banana breakfast muffins

Healthy banana oatmeal, light and soft (vegan and sugar free)

Choco/avocado muffin

Rich chocolate cake with a buttery avocado and crunchy walnuts. Dairy free, no refined sugar.

Hazelnut/choco muffins

Raw hazelnuts and raw chocolate powder. Incredibly soft, moist and fudgy. Dairy free and refined sugar free.


Coco's balls

Dark chocolate and sweet coconut. Yes! Vegan.


Mini tart with shortcrust base. Different toppings available (chocolate, jams, fresh fruit).

Dates & hazelnuts balls

These balls are naturally sweetened by the dates and are packed with nutritious hazelnuts. Vegan and sugar free.

Energy balls

Rich of super foods and full of goodies, which will keep you energized throughout the day. Vegan and sugar free.

Muesli bar

A healthy and delicious snack with oats, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. Vegan and sugar free.