About Us

Ciao Gluten is an artisanal gluten-free bakery and fresh pasta producer. All products are hand-made in our dedicated gluten-free kitchen in Haarlem.
Our secret is passion and high quality. We only work with fresh and natural ingredients.

Ciao Gluten was born with the idea of making gluten free products that taste as good as ‘glutinous’ products, even better!

Mirko Baldi is the chef and founder. After his graduation in Economics in Italy, He moved to London and started working as a cook, following his big passion for food, keeping the love and tradition for the Italian cuisine. In 2014 He moved to The Netherlands and kept working in the food sector. In 2015 He has been diagnosed with coeliac disease (gluten allergy). At the beginning that was a shock for him, but then He turned it into a challenge: making gluten free products that taste good as ‘glutinous’ products, or even better.

He started baking delicious cakes for cafés in Amsterdam (baking from home and just for fun). It was a success and pushed him to dedicate his time and energy totally for Ciao Gluten.

He regularly experiments with new recipes, using different ingredients. From bread & focaccia to cakes & desserts, fresh pasta & gnocchi, He has created his own mix of flours, using only natural ingredients (including rice, corn, tapioca, buckwheat, chickpeas, nuts and dry fruits).

Quality is the most important thing for Mirko. He doesn’t use any preservatives, artificial colorant or chemical aroma, but only fresh and natural ingredients.